Straight Talk for Women

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Marne is the author of Living Singlish: Your Life, Your Way, and a member of the Board of Directors of BPW Basel Anglo. She's also a regular blogger on Ms. Career Girl

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Dr. Marne Platt founded Fundamental Capabilities after almost 20 years in the corporate world. Originally trained as a veterinarian, Marne reinvented herself several times, leaving clinical practice for the pharmaceutical industry, mastering roles in marketing, medical affairs and regulatory affairs, and becoming a global corporate leader.  Along the way she developed a passion for helping women overcome barriers and reach their full potential at work and in life. 

Fundamental Capabilities is the living embodiment of that passion: dedicated to helping women make the most of their innate abilities.

Marne believes in straight talk. You won’t see or hear a lot of corporate buzzwords, unless she is helping you understand what they really mean. You will get honest, open discussion about what it takes to be a woman with a successful career, whatever field that career is in and however you define success.