photo (c) Marne Platt, VMD MBA.

Dear Veterinary Colleagues,

Leadership Matters in Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary medicine is about more than just our patients. We work within teams, and team members talk with our patients’ families as well as each other. Doing it well takes more than just good clinical skills.

Major conferences like NAVC, WVC and BSAVA are introducing Leadership and Practice Management tracks for veterinarians, nurses, technicians and practice managers, reflecting the growing importance of these topics for all practice members. I’ve worked with people across the profession on these areas, in the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America. And I believe passionately that we need to broaden the conversation, especially among our women.
Making it Happen 

It’s not always possible for all team members to attend conferences. You may want all of your team to experience a session together, so you can discuss how it applies to your specific practice needs. I can help! I'm happy to bring my sessions to you, and to adapt them to fit your practice’s own personality.

Your World Is My World
I was a veterinary assistant for 10 years in school and a mixed and small animal practitioner long before I entered the corporate world. Like many of us, it was my dream from childhood, and were it not for allergies I might never have had a corporate job! 

I understand practitioners’ perspectives and offer insights from 20 years in industry and 15 years in practice, including global roles at very senior managerial levels. With a warm, inclusive and informative style, I’ve connected with large and small groups around the world. 

I've developed special versions of my most-requested topics just for veterinary practice. They use examples from your world, and related directly to how practice teams work together and with clients.

Some are available as one-hour sessions perfect for a lunch break; others are a few hours or a full day. Get the full list here

Pricing  Find the full price list here. If you're organizing a large meeting, Email for information about group discounts and free sessions for student groups and women's networks.

Customized Programs
Looking for something special? Email me and let's see what I can do to make a program just for you!

I look forward to helping you take your practice on the road to success!

Best Wishes,


Just for the Veterinary Profession

Nurses, technicians, associates, practice owner, new grads, practice managers: Welcome to your own home at Fundamental Capabilities! 

Whatever your role in our profession, you are important. Your work contributes directly to our patients' health, our clients' happiness, and our business's success. 

If you want to learn more about leadership, understand your strengths, and develop new skills, there is something here just for you. 

Download the full list

Living Singlish: Your Life, Your Way

New Graduates: Are you starting out on life's adventure? A little embarrassed to ask how it all works? Maybe a little bit afraid to do it  on your own?

Good news! friendly, funny and full of great advice, Marne's book puts you in control. If you're starting the adventure of building your life, Living Singlish can help you build your best life.

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Straight Talk for Women