Straight Talk for Women

Tame the Political Animals in Your Life!

Understanding Group Politics: People, Power and Perceptions 

Group politics are important whenever people with competing goals and limited resources must work together. It’s like watching foxes, birds and elephants competing for access to water. No wonder we call some people ‘political animals!’

What turns people into political animals? Are politics always bad? In this session you will learn a 2-dimensional model to identify different types of political animals in the jungle. Then you will learn a simple framework for taming the animals and handling any political situation.

Group Politics is available as a half-day seminar and a condensed 45-minute lecture

Download a summary here or view this short clip from a recent session. This is one of our most popular programs!

How do you handle the politics in your office? Have they helped your career? Hurt it? Both? Share your thoughts and stories with us. If we include your experience in the workshop, we’ll send you a coupon for a discounted entry fee!