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Module 1:The Subtle Rules of The Business World:  for women applying for their first corporate jobs, either after school or after working in the home. Learn the basic unwritten code of the workplace. Avoid the traps that many new employees fall into, and that can derail your career as it is just getting started.

Module 2: New Leader Essentials: for women with 3-5 years experience, starting their first managerial role. Learn how to move your image and contribution from sole contributor to leader, without sacrificing yourself or violating the unwritten rules for managers.

Module 3: Standing at the Front of the Room: for women entering Chief Officer, Global Function Head, and similar executive leadership roles. Women are still under-represented at the top managerial levels. Learn how the rules change, and how you can master them, to succeed at this high-stakes game.

We’re pleased to provide these workshops for universities, corporate groups, and women’s organizations around the world.

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Participants say:

'...this course made me more confident...'

'...I learned a better way to deliver a message...' 

If you want to thrive in corporate life, you have to know and master the hidden rules. These 3 workshops will teach you what you need to know at 3 important career steps:

  • Starting your first corporate job
  • Starting your first managerial role
  • Joining the very top leadership circle

Executive Leadership Skills For Women

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Straight Talk for Women