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Here you can learn more about our current programs. You can also download the summary of all workshops and price list. Not seeing what you need? Tell us about it, we'll be happy to develop something special just for you! 

BHAG Baby Steps
Do you have a Big Hairy Audacious Goal? Do you want to buy a business, change careers, earn a new degree, write a book, or something else ‘big,’ but can’t seem to get started? Breaking it down into small steps is the way. Learn how to break a large task into smaller, manageable ones, how to push yourself to the next step, and when it’s OK to let it rest.  Lecture or half-day seminar

Building a Powerful Network
At every career stage you need people for advice, support, referrals, or a sounding board. You call these people your network, but are you getting the most from these relationships? How do you build and leverage your network? Learn a new approach to networking, how to make effective contacts in a short time, and how to get the most out of your networking opportunities. Lecture or half-day seminar

Career Transition: If It’s Scary, You’re Doing it Right!

Making a change in your life or career can be inspiring and energizing. It should also be a little bit scary! After all, you are walking away from something familiar, into the great unknown. Learn how to recognize when the time is right, and how to tame your inner doubts as you take control of your destiny. Lecture, half-day seminar or one day workshop​

Creating The Life You Want: Strategies for Singlish Women  
Are you a woman in your 20s or early 30s? Your Life is full of possibilities! It’s a great time…and for many of us, also a scary one. Young women often have secret doubts and fears about how it all works, and whether they can make it on their own. Join the author of Living Singlish: Your Life, Your Way, for a fun workshop and learn the simple principles that can help you take control and build the life you want.  Free copy of the book for all attendees. Lecture, half-day seminar or one day workshop

Different Strokes for Different Folks: Understanding Learning Potential  
Did you ever struggle to understand why your technically brilliant colleague may be unable to effectively chair a meeting?  Or why everyone turns to one junior associate to deal with difficult clients? All of us can excel at work; we just don’t excel in the same ways. Learn how to work with your team to understand who is a potential people leader, who is a potential expert, and how to support and encourage them both. This knowledge will help you build a more cohesive, better functioning team in any business and at any level. Lecture or half-day seminar
Energize From Within: Simple Ways for Better Days
In the daily struggle to balance the many demands on our time and attention, it’s easy to forget time to recover. Yet without resilience and recovery we risk burnout. Learn some tips for making it through the craziness of your day using food choices, movement, laughter, and short quiet periods to manage your energy levels. These strategies work for high-level corporate executives, and they can work for you! Lecture or half-day seminar

Group Politics: Taming the Animals in Your Own Political Jungle
Group politics are important whenever people with competing goals and limited resources must work together. It’s like watching foxes, birds and elephants competing for access to water. No wonder we call some people ‘political animals!’
In this session you will learn a 2-dimensional framework to identify different behaviours, and a simple model for handling any political situation and taming any denizen of the jungle. Download more information. Lecture or half-day seminar

Mentors, Sponsor And Advocates
What are they? Do you need one? Do you need several? How can they help you? Learn the difference between these three valuable career boosters, and how each can help you. Leave with specific techniques for finding and engaging each one, what to expect, and what your role is in the relationship. Lecture or half-day seminar

Talking Leadership: Tough and Fair Conversations With Employees
How do you talk to someone about their performance, when you work next to them every day? You must be tough, fair, and above all, human. We’ll use cases to learn how to handle a variety of tough situations, including disruptive behaviour, missed deadlines, and more. Practice making tough and fair statements while avoiding the emotional traps. Bring your own tough topics for help from your colleagues and an experienced global leader. Lecture or half-day seminar

Straight Talk for Women

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