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Sometimes you just need a book to learn more about a topic. Whether it’s a hard copy, an e-book or an audiobook, you can dig deeper, look at a topic more broadly, than you can with a podcast.

Here is a list are some of the books that Marne goes to repeatedly for inspiration or education. 

If you have a favorite book, tell us about it! If I add it to this list, you will receive a coupon for 10% off a Fundamental Capabilities event!

P.S. don’t forget Marne's book Living Singlish, Your Life, Your Way – if you're starting the adventure of building your life, this book will put you in control. It's friendly, funny and full of great advice.

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Check out Marne's blogs on Ms. Career Girl, a site for ambitious young professional women. 

There are so many ways to stimulate your thinking these days. It can be hard to choose the best sources. On this page you can find some podcasts and books that Marne particularly likes. 

Fundamental Capabilities Recommends These Podcasts and Books 

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